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Give Now


100% of Your Donation goes directly to the Hilltribe people of Northern Thailand. Hope for Hilltribes does not take an administrative fee or percentage of donations. Our staff and fund-raisers in the United States work on a volunteer basis only.

We do not—and cannot—fight alone. Our work relies on the support of generous donations and prayers from people all over the world.

Please consider a tax-deductible donation to support our work using either PayPal funds or a major credit card. Checks can be made out to Hope for Hilltribes and sent to:

Hope for Hilltribes
P.O. Box 14091
Columbus, OH 43214


Your donation will help fund the following:        
  • 38 full-time ethnic minority adult employees (paid a fair Thai wage)
  • 30+ children at the House of Love orphanage, 30% of which are HIV-positive
  • 160+ ethnic minorities with disabilities
  • 60+ children at the House of Blessing daycare





For some of you, an automated monthly donation might be easier:



Or if you have another amount in mind, please contact us and we can set up a subscription just for you!